Natural skincare is blooming in the Nordic countries, Scandinavia and Finland. Northern Europe is famous for its pure, untouched nature and ancient knowledge of nature's healing powers. That for us sounds like a perfect combination for a natural and organic skincare brand to grow!

We've chosen to represent four Nordic natural skincare brands, Flow Cosmetics, FrantsilaHetkinen and Kivvi to create an all-inclusive selection of natural and effective products for your face, hair and body. Not to forget the simple Nordic design that lifts your mood and makes you want to store your beauty products in the open, not to hide them in the drawers.

What's common with these four skincare brands and why do we love them so much? They all source their inspiration and ingredients from Northern nature and its forests. They all thrive to formulate effective skincare with as few ingredients as possible, no unnecessary fillers needed. This guarantees you the best possible products and results on your skin, both kind to nature and you. We take pride to work only with brands that take sustainability as seriously as we do.

See, for example, Flow's innovative formulations containing mainly Finnish organic or wild-grown ingredients, or stunning natural pine jars preserving balms and deos from Hetkinen. Or take a look at Frantsila who grows ingredients and herbs used in the products on their own organic farm.

Nordic natural skincare will take your self-care routine to the next level with its ingredients - and closer to nature as well.

We could not be more proud of our brand and product selection - hoping you love them as much as we do!