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  About Us 

Koti Lifestyle offers natural and organic alternatives for your everyday skincare. Try something simpler, cleaner, and  more Nordic!

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Our Story

Koti Lifestyle was born when two Finns living in the UK were trying to find similar organic skincare that they could get back home in Finland. It wasn't an as easy task as they thought so after carrying stuff in their overweight luggage after the trips to Finland or ordering abroad, waiting for weeks for the delivery to arrive, they decided they can do it themselves.

Nordic people have a special relationship with nature. Nature has provided the living for us for centuries, and we are taught not to forget that. Not that we would want to, either! For many people, the forest is still the place to escape when life gets too hectic. Nature heals, it recharges, it calms you down. Nature also provides such powerful ingredients, although we sometimes tend to forget them in our chemical-infused lives. Nordic nature is known for its purity and cleanliness - and as such, it's an excellent base for creating beautifully simple, yet effective skincare.

We want to bring a piece of Northern nature to the UK - available for all.

In addition to their simple effectiveness, we love how all organic skincare products are packed - minimising the waste but not style. In this case, less is more for sure. If you're like us and are a bit horrified about all the plastic waste the everyday life's creating, you may want to check our plastic-free selection - from shampoo to cream bars. You will find anything you need to kick off a bit more environmentally friendly lifestyle!

We've curated some of the most beautiful and powerful skincare brands inspired by the Northern nature under one roof for you to try out - maybe you'll find a new favourite?