Koti Lifestyle was born when us, two Finns, Jenny and Tarleena, both passionate about both skincare and organic and natural life-choices, wanted to bring their most beloved Nordic brands and products to the UK. 


It is a common belief in the Nordics that nature heals - and that approach is used for skin care as well. We believe in organic and wild-grown ingredients, just as our ancestors have been believing for centuries. And this is the knowledge we want to spread around the world through our carefully curated selection of skincare products.


Choosing organic cosmetics and skincare comes automatically for us, as it represents our values. As we literally grew up surrounded by beautiful, lush forests, environmental values are close to our hearts. We appreciate the fact that the ingredients in our skincare products are grown responsibly, respecting the surrounding nature. Moreover, wild-grown ingredients are picked up and selected carefully, too, without over-harvesting. 


​In addition to their simple effectiveness, we love how all these organic skincare products are packed - minimising the waste but not style. In this case, less is more for sure. If you're like us and are a bit horrified about all the plastic waste the everyday life's creating, you may want to check our plastic-free selection - from shampoo to cream bars. You will find anything you need to kick off a bit more environmentally friendly lifestyle!

We have curated some of the most beautiful and powerful skincare brands inspired by the Northern nature under one roof for you to try out - maybe you'll find a new favourite!


Both of the Koti Lifestyle founders, Jenny and Tarleena, share quite a few things together; both of them relocated to the UK from Finland after finishing their university degrees a few years back - and both of them also love organic skincare and cosmetics.


After a while, they noticed that they struggled to find their favourite Nordic organic skincare products in the UK. Together they decided to fill this gap. These two women joined their strengths, Tarleena's BA degree and knowledge in marketing, and Jenny's Cosmetology studies and ever-growing interest in ingredients in skincare - and Koti Lifestyle was founded.