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4 Tips for Me-Time and Self-Care

I think we can all agree that these times are unique and none of us has ever experienced anything like this before. The whole world is moving into some level of lockdown, and people are spending most of their time at home. This is also the time for self-care, taking care of YOU.

Uncertainty and fear can cause anxiety, and we thought we'd gather together some tips on how to overcome this particular time of our lives. Some of these might sound obvious, or you've already heard them before, but have a read - maybe you'll find something new. Taking care of your self is the most important thing you can do!

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Self-care and me-time tips

Keeping up with routines

Keep doing what you've been doing before, even though the settings have changed. Routines might sound boring, but keeping up with familiar things when everything else seems uncertain, will help to keep you calmer and reduce anxiety. If you were a gym-goer, exercise home. Try to make your work or school days as normal as possible (with toddlers running around you it's difficult - believe me, I know!).

Self-care by Breathing

The most simple thing - breathing. When feeling anxious or overwhelmed, try lengthening your exhalation. That's the most effective way to calm down the nervous system. Give this breathing exercise a try: When breathing in the count for four, and six when exhaling. Continue at least for a minute. If you can, go outside to get some fresh air, too.

Lockout from social media and news

We know - you want to be up-to-date with what's going on, but sometimes bombarding yourself with the news can have some unwanted effects. Switch off your phone and laptop - read a book or connect with your family. It's time for self-care, and to care for others, too.

Pamper yourself

We think that skincare is a natural part of self-care. Take baths, do facial masks, massages, whatever makes you feel beautiful and relaxed. We love taking our time in the bathroom - carefully layering all the products on your skin and finishing off with a facial massage.

What are your favourite ways to take care of yourself?