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6 Beauty Trends for 2020

It's time to have a look at this year's beauty trends. These lists are super popular this time of the year, but we are hoping to bring a fresh view! We see one big trend that combines everything together this year is going back to basics and concentrating on what is most important.

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Clean and natural beauty

People are looking for beauty products that contain only clean and natural ingredients. Organic and natural skincare and make-up brands will continue their growth this year.

Minimalistic skincare

Linked with the previous point - as a response to Korean beauty trends that have been on for a while, people are now looking for more simple skincare routines and a bit emptier bathroom shelves. Multi-purpose products will rock this year - both in skincare and make-up.


Environmentalism is a massive trend at the moment. Everyone is looking at ways to create less waste and moving to plastic-free, and recyclable packaging in skincare products is one of the most important trends this year.

Organic sunscreens

Latest last summer it was exposed to everyone what kind of harm synthetic sunscreens can do to the environment and people using them. There has been a vast development in organic sunscreens, and there is a variety to choose - from lightly tinted lotions for face to body protection that doesn't leave that much white residue.

Wellbeing and self-care

We are anticipating that slowing down and everything that promotes it will be a huge hit this year. This includes meditation, sound healing and gentle types of yoga, to mention a few.

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Facial massage and other natural face-lifts

We've seen lots of face rollers and Gua Sha equipment coming to the market just before the year changed. These methods offer a way to improve your complexion and fade away signs of ageing - all done naturally.

Are we missing some obvious trends you've seen?