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6 Tips for Winter Skincare

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The season has definitely shifted - autumn is gone and winter is here. The seasonal changes naturally effect our daily routines, even diet and our need to rest. It’s almost inevitable that our skincare routine also reflects these changes - we can feel the changing seasons in our skin. How should your winter skincare routine look like? Why does the skin seem to dry out more?

Maintaining a dewy skin throughout the season requires a diet full of antioxidants and the right skincare routine. Drying skin and the lack of natural moisturising factor natural in the winter months that’s can increase the visible wrinkles and prevent the secretion of the skin's natural fat, sebum, on the skin's surface. This often means that skin that’s sensitive, atopic or prone to couperosa, can easily flare-up.

Tweak your diet to get that dewy winter skin

Your winter skincare routine starts from your plate. What you eat reflects on your skin and a healthy diet full of colourful and antioxidant-rich fruit, vegetables and berries will help your skin to beat the winter. Skin tends to dry out more easily if your diet lacks important fats such as Omegas.

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Cleanse gently

If your skin gets dry during the winter, swap your gel-based cleanser with oil or milk cleanser. They won’t dry out the skin but will help to protect the skin’s barrier while still cleansing it thoroughly. Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser suits all the skin types and washes off easily with just water. In the mornings it’s not even necessary to wash your face as it may imbalance the right pH level your skin has reached during the night.

Exfoliate to help your skin to renew

Gentle peeling helps your skin to renew. It will also help your other skincare products to absorb better and you’ll get the most out of your products. Lingonberry Bright Mask will exfoliate the skin gently, remove all the old skin cells without drying out the skin. If you suffer from couperosa or atopic skin, you should be extra careful when exfoliating, or even skip it for a while.

Protect your skin against air pollution

As the weather gets colder the air pollution levels tend to rise. Air pollution and free radicals accelerate the skin’s ageing process. It can show as increased wrinkles, skin pigmentation problems or even just a dry skin. To prevent this you can add Anti-Pollution Serum to your skincare routine. The serum includes moringa oil that acts as a natural, moisturising barrier on the skin’s surface, reducing airborne deposits and preventing their absorption into the skin and antioxidant-rich blueberry and plantago extracts will help neutralise free radical damage.

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Hydrate and moisturise your skin

To help your skin to maintain the right level of moisture, it’s important to remember to hydrate your skin after cleansing. Rose Water Toner is a classic and will help hydrate and moisturise all the skin types. Facial oils will lock in moisture effectively and keep your skin from feeling tight or itchy the whole day long. Try Arctic Beaty Oil for more mature and dry skin, Rosehip Intense Treatment Oil for other skin types. Shea Butter is an excellent product for protecting your skin and works both on adult and baby skin. Try on eczema patches on hands or other parts of your body.

Sleep tight to get most out of your winter skincare routine

Wintertime nature’s rhythm slows down. Your skin also benefits from sleep and rest. Sleeping well has a positive effect on your skin as well as it renews during your sleep. Your skin goes through much of its restoration while you sleep as skin cells regenerate more quickly at night. The night is also the time when all the nourishing oils and serums have time to absorb properly.