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All About Body Care

What if I asked you how many different products you use on your face daily? Or how much time you spend doing your hair? And how often do you take care of the rest of your body? Skin is the largest organ in your body, but often we are concentrating only on the face and maybe hands, and forgetting the significant rest of it!

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We spend most of the time and products on our facial skin, and why not. The face is something that's not hiding under layers of clothing, but rather the first thing everyone sees. You should not forget the rest of your body though, the more care you take on your whole self, the better you feel - and that shows on your face, too!

Wash Gently and Moisturise

Lots of the tips that relate to facial skincare also apply when talking about body care. Try gentle shower gels and soaps that won't dehydrate your skin, but leave it feeling moisturised. Try, for example, wonderfully scented Solid Roots Soap bar from Flow or Natural Body Wash from Frantsila. After shower or bath, cover your skin with lotions and body butters. Hetkinen has an Elemitree and Lavendel Body Butter - packed in a stunning pinewood jar. It will make both your skin and bathroom beautiful.

It's all about self-care

Your body will also appreciate regular scrubs that remove all the old sells and improve blood circulation, making your skin smoother. Flow Cosmetics has a beautifully scented Body Polish that not only exfoliates your skin but moisturises it too. Could you ask for more?

As all skincare, taking care of your body is all about making you feel good. Why not ask your partner or friend to give you a massage? Massage relaxes mind and body, and if using the right kind of massage oil, it's good for your skin, too! We stock a wonderful Massage Oil from Frantsila.

What's your favourite way of taking care of your body?