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Buy better - Thoughts on Black Friday

Koti Lifestyle wants to launch a Greener Black Friday! Black Friday is a controversial day, and there are lots of counter-movements out there. We agree over-consuming isn't that cool anymore. That's why we want to offer you an option - better choices to make if you decide to treat yourself with something today. Koti Lifestyle stocks a wide range of organic, plastic-free and vegan cosmetics.

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We thought of sharing a couple of ways to buy greener this Black Friday and make better choices.

  • Buy for real need. Great offers and bundles tend to make us buy more than we'd actually need. Try being mindful while browsing the offers this Black Friday. Don't buy things you don't need just because of discounts - buy them if you need them. Luckily, skincare products are something you use daily (at least we would recommend you to!)

  • Why not purchase cruelty-free products this Black Friday? That way you'd support ending animal testing. Did you know that there actually are more effective alternatives to test ingredients safety? Animal testing is still used because of its low cost - but you can vote with your feet!

  • Buy organic! With discounts, it may feel more comfortable to try some new products or brands. Organic products won't contain harmful ingredients and are more sustainably produced. Organic skincare might even be more efficient and safer for your skin.

  • Support ethical businesses and brands. Some brands may offer more significant discounts but be mindful what's behind the surface. You can start changing the world by supporting sustainable brands.

  • Look for plastic-free and recyclable products and packaging. Check that the product is either plastic-free or that at least the packaging is recyclable, reducing waste is something everyone should pay attention to.

We give you -20% of order over £30 (use code BLACK20) and -25% of orders over £100 (use code BLACK25). Browse the whole collection to find your favourites, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!