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Challenges In Organic Skincare

Organic skincare and cosmetics industry are booming. Weekly you can come across new amazing brands and products, and more and more people are becoming more aware and starting to swift towards more natural skincare routine and products. We've heard stories how sometimes changing your skincare routine doesn't come without challenges - and we'd like to give you heads up and maybe even be able to offer some advice on how to tackle those challenges. Swapping to organic skincare might have some unwanted side-effects.

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What to expect when swapping to organic skincare?

Sometimes when you start replacing your skincare products with organic ones, your skin might go through an adaptation period. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly organic skincare products don't contain silicones - silicones are usually there for smooth feeling, they make the cream feel nice on your skin or gives you more time to work your liquid foundation on your skin. Although silicones are considered a safe and sterile ingredient, they are not adding any nurturing effects to the product. Your skin will not benefit from them. In fact, layering silicone-based products on your skin might interfere with the normal functioning of the skin's hydrolytic membrane. Hydrolipid membrane protects and helps our skin to maintain an optimum moisture balance.

The other significant difference is preservatives. Most of the preservatives used in synthetic cosmetics are banned from organic ones. When you start introducing natural and organic products to your skin, it's microbial balance starts to change and adapt back to the chemical-free environment. This might cause out-brakes at the beginning of your journey.


The similar adaptation period may occur when you change your deodorant to a more natural one. And they might not be pleasant ones. Deodorants and especially antiperspirants sold at grocery stores contain many ingredients that you might want to stop using. Although those same ingredients are the ones that make your antiperspirant so effective and trustworthy. When you start using more natural and maybe even aluminium free deodorants, your body starts transitioning as well. Antiperspirants block your pores to stop sweating as well as prevent any helpful bacteria growth. Because natural deodorants don't block your pores and allow the good bacteria on your skin to work, this might cause unwanted odours at the beginning of your journey before your body has adjusted.

We'd say that usually, it's good to test a product for a month - that's long enough period for your skin to adapt and you to start seeing the real results. Changing your deodorant to aluminium free one might take even longer. Don't worry though - sometimes no adaptation period is needed, and your body adjusts without any struggle!

Have you noticed any changes in your skin after changing your skincare products to more natural ones?