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Christmas Gift-Guide 2020 for Thoughtful Shopping - and for Nordic Lovers

20 Nordic-inspired Christmas gift ideas and inspiration for the season

We at Koti Lifestyle believe in spreading love and joy. For us Finns, the Christmas season is the biggest event of the year. What’s better than being able to give something special to your loved ones (or to yourself)? Christmas this year will definitely be different from those we’ve celebrated during the past years - thanks to Covid19. A lot of us might not be able to spend the holidays with our families and loved ones like we've used to. This is where the importance of gifting and giving presents really comes alive.

Koti Lifestyle | Christmas gift guide and present ideas for Christmas 2020

What's more, instead of gifting face to face, some of the gifts may need to be posted or delivered otherwise. Try to minimise the environmental impact of the deliveries by either sending straight to the receiver (cutting down one extra delivery) or sending things in one bigger parcel. A lot of web stores are offering gift packaging options to make the parcels look nice and personalised, too.

If you want us to wrap your gift and send it straight to the receiver, we are more than happy to do that. Even better, we won't charge you any extra for the wrapping. To keep up with our promise to be sustainable, all the materials are recyclable and something we already have - hence every gift will have its unique look.

This year, more than ever, finding the perfect gifts becomes important. And when buying from small businesses you’ll support the people behind them. But it shouldn’t be about just buying; reducing waste and making sensible and sustainable choices matters a lot, too. That's why writing this Christmas Guide was very important for us. Only didn't we want to celebrate this season with our own products but also showcase some of our favourite fellow Nordic-inspired small businesses that share the same values as we do.

Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for your family or friends we've got you covered - this is the only Christmas Gift Guide you'll need to browse through this season!

Non-Material Gifts

Non-Material gifts are an excellent way to celebrate the holidays and especially if the gift receiver is on the other side of the world. Depending on where you live and how the restrictions permit, you can gift an experience, like an evening out in one’s favourite restaurant, movie tickets, workshops, wine tastings… The list is endless. If you know the gift receiver is not ready to go out in public yet, consider purchasing a gift card from their favourite hairdresser or cosmetologist to be used later on as it is a great way to support your local small businesses as well.

We, too, offer Gift Cards this year. Surprise your skincare-loving friend or family member with a voucher worth £20 or £50.

Thanks to the pandemic (you do need to find the silver lining of everything, huh?), the world has gone even more online than ever before and you can find all sorts of online courses to purchase. Maybe your loved one is interested in cooking, yoga or even taking a photography course?

And, if you are living abroad as we are, you may be worried about not just the holiday flights’, but also homebound and your family’s visiting flights’ impact on the environment. Maybe your family and friends would be delighted to receive a gift in the form of reducing their carbon footprint?

Koti Lifestyle | Self-made Christmas decorations

Self-made gifts

Are you a crafty person? Hands down, the best gifts we have received have always been handmade. One could even argue that a Finnish Christmas is not complete without at least one pair of handmade woollen socks. Why? We don’t really even know why, but that’s how it is. And we all know how drafty old, English houses can be, so you definitely need something warmer to wear here, too!

Skincare-wise, a lot can be self-made! Try for example preparing your own facial scrub. You can also check out our favourite DIY skincare recipes and give home-made shea mousse or dry shampoo a try. Other nice ideas to make yourself could be macrame decoration, Finnish Himmeli (you could order a DIY pack for example here), or of course, some kind of food. Good crowd-pleasers are a tin of gingerbread cookies, crunchy cheese biscuits or even a jar filled with homemade blackberry jam. And they are rather easy to make, too!

Beauty & Spa

Who doesn't need a bit of pampering here and then! As lots of places are currently closed or you may not feel comfortable going to public places, you can create the spa experience in your own home, too.

As you know, we at Koti want to offer you the best of Nordic skincare, and with this in mind, we have created some pretty awesome gift sets for you in our Christmas Shop.

Koti Lifestyle | Christmas present ideas and stocking fillers. Flow cosmetics Solid Roots Salt Soap Bar and Body Butter Bar.

1. Hetkinen Soap Set and a hand sanitizer £29

2. Hetkinen hand balm and Liquid hand soap £30

3. Flow Flowing Emotions Aromatherapy Soap for Body, Face and Hair + Solid Roots Body Butter Bar £29


Who wouldn’t love a piece of beautiful and handcrafted jewellery? Gifting someone jewellery requires a good knowledge of the person’s taste, though. If you are not sure what they’d love the most, consider checking out if your preferred brand offers gift cards.

Our favourite Nordic Jewellery brands are

4. Nordic Fairey - Danish vintage jewellery for one of a kind vintage finds - these are great places to look especially if you're looking for second-hand presents.

5. Unique Ella - For sustainable wooden earrings.

6. Finn and Fern - Makes beautiful boho macrame earrings.

7. Mette Hoj - Stylish classic jewellery from sustainably sourced ingredients

Home decor & Small items

Home decor can also be quite a personal choice, but check out what the following Nordic brands have to offer. Their selection is carefully curated sustainability in mind.

8. Swedish House at Home - Anything from beeswax wraps to linen tea towels and kitchenware and jute baskets.

9. Zanders And Sons - We adore the Finnish plywood Christmas decoration. The packaging is flat which makes them perfect to post!

Healthy lifestyle & Kitchen inspiration

For someone who’s into cooking and baking, there are lots of options available. You can easily find recipe books or maybe themed cooking courses as well.

Please see our favourites for gifts for lifestyle and kitchen inspiration:

10. Kotka Living - We love especially the Finnish berry powders and nettle pesto!

11. Nordic Kitchen Stories - Louise shares her favourite recipes and bakes cakes for occasions as well!

12. ScandiKitchen - The classic cafe and shop to go to if you are in need of anything Nordic!

Stocking fillers

We know some of you love stocking fillers! Even though they are not part of Nordic Christmas traditions, we thought we can do it, with a twist of course! Stocking fillers don’t have to be just small plastic items, they can be done in a more sustainable and thoughtful way. Consider buying zero-waste and plastic-free items and those that will be used for a prolonged time. For someone into organic skincare, consider these lovelies:

Koti Lifestyle | Flow Cosmetics Wonder balm and Arctic sun repair balm

13. Shampoo and body butter bars

14. Flow Arctic Sun Repair Balm and Wonder Balm

15. Kivvi Body Marmelades

Inspiration for sustainable Christmas

We also want to feature some bloggers and influencers to inspire you in your holiday season preparations. Please check out these lovely ladies for inspiration for sustainable yet beautiful ideas.

16. Elsa Annukka - Beautifully presented inspiration for ecological and sustainable choices.

17. Quite Kate - Wellbeing tips and amazing and sustainable vegan candles.

18. The Beauty Spyglass - Sustainable beauty and lifestyle, slow-living and beautiful photography.

19. Wee Green Otter - Everyday inspiration for a more ecological lifestyle.

20. Nordic Notes Blog - For anyone who loves Nordic interiors and living.

Are you planning to shop small, sustainable and Nordic this Christmas? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us!