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Flow Cosmetics - pure northern beauty

Flow Cosmetics is a Finnish skincare and cosmetics brand that believes in locally sourced quality ingredients. What we love about Flow is that they really concentrate on the ingredients and overall sustainability. At first glance, you can see that sustainability is one of the key values. They produce a wide selection of plastic-free and zero-waste products and pays attention to the fact that all the packaging is minimal, recyclable and reusable.

Flow is a family-run business and both their laboratory and factory are located in southern Finland. What makes Flow different is their vast selection of skincare and makeup products. We only stock a fraction of them, please let us know if you can’t find your favourites in our store!

Koti Lifestyle | Flow Cosmetics products, Lingonberry bright mask, balm to milk cleanser and bilberry moisture cream

The Nordic Ingredients

Flow, like many other Nordic skincare brand, trusts the northern ingredients. Their products are a combination of certified organic ingredients sourced from Finland (or from European suppliers if necessary) and wild hand-picked plants, herbs and berries from Finnish nature. Finland has the worlds largest organic-certified forest area and 99% of forest areas in Lapland are organic certified.

The beauty of Nordic wild-grown ingredients and plants comes from their unique growing environment. Finnish plants have an incredible amount of protective nutrients in them which the plants store during the short but bright northern summer. The sun shines through the night and the plants collect energy to survive the long, harsh winter. This abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and nature’s own preservatives will be needed as the plants persist under snow and ice for many months before the sun reappears as spring comes. And Flow is capturing all these nutrients into their skincare products.

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What makes a good skincare product?

Flow believes that genuinely good products can only be made with good ingredients; natural and effective ingredients are worth investing in for beautiful products. In every single product they make, the certified organic ingredients have been carefully chosen to work alongside the wild-sourced plants. Flow promises that the natural products do not compromise on efficacy by ensuring the formulations are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

When it comes to fragrancing the products, Flow has found that essential oils are incredibly nurturing and beneficial for both the body and mind. The uplifting aromas are transformative and the results truly speak for themselves; based on extensive experience, Flow has found that essential oils are also far kinder and more tolerable to the skin than artificial fragrances.

Preservatives in Flow products

Wherever possible, Flow strives to minimise the use of preservatives, which has led to the development of water-free products. None of the wonderful oil-based serums, body butters, face oils or soaps by Flow Cosmetics contain preservatives to ensure that the raw ingredients are left as pure as possible. Any preservatives we do use are entirely natural to benefit the skin.

What's your favourite Flow product?