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Frantsila - Finnish pioneer in organic farming and holistic beauty

We love Frantsila for the amazing work they do to promote both organic skincare and holistic wellbeing. Frantsila is a pioneer in organic herb farming in Finland and has been a natural health product manufacturer since 1981. The area where Frantsila’s farm located is considered environmentally clean, with a high percentage of organic farms adjoining the Frantsila property. Better yet, the farm has been in the same family for more than 300 years.

At the Frantsila farm, you can also find a cafe serving organic meals and a well-being centre that offers a variety of wellness courses and accommodation all year round.

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The power of the ingredients

Finland is one of the northernmost, least polluted and least populated agricultural regions in the world. Long, sunny summer days and cool nights give Finnish herbs superior aromatic and medicinal properties, as compared to herbs that are grown in southern latitudes. The herbs that are used in Frantsila products are grown at their own herb farm and at a few other local farms under controlled conditions that are naturally certified organic.

We love Frantsila's commitment to sustainability. Naturally, they don't do any animal testing. The only animal products they use are beeswax, propolis, honey and lanoline (from wool), which cause no harm to the animals.

Likewise, none of the products contain any mineral oils (paraffin, petroleum), silicates, artificial fragrances, colours, parabens, or ingredients of GMO origin. Frantsila can proudly confirm that the ingredients and manufacturing processes meet or exceed European natural cosmetic standards.

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What makes Frantsila a brand you should try?

Frantsila aims to preserve, as much as possible, the regenerative, healing powers of Finnish plants. The combination of Finland’s northern nature, a biological method of farming, and optimal timing for the harvesting and processing of herbs ensures the effectiveness of all the botanical products formulated by Frantsila.

Their herbs are hand-picked by trained gatherers at the peak of freshness. They dry the herbs quickly at low temperatures to preserve their natural qualities, as well as to ensure microbiological purity. Herbs are regularly tested for both effectiveness and purity.

After that, the harvest is mixed into herb mixtures, extracts, spices and various skincare products, using gentle, time-consuming extraction techniques that lock-in the naturally occurring sweet fragrances, subtle colours and bio-active ingredients. Frantsila use only cold-pressed oils, the majority of which are biologically grown. Frantsila’s herbal recipes are based on Finnish and other herbal traditions, on the latest scientific research, and on years of hard-earned trial and error.

Now, this is why we deeply adore and respect Frantsila and feel privileged to be their only reseller in the UK. Are you already a fan of Frantsila or yet to try their amazing skincare range?

Our favourites from Frantsila

Gentle Cleansing Emulsion

Facial cleanser with over twenty botanical elements that gently and effectively removes makeup and other impurities, while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving the skin cleansed, softened and refreshed.

Rose Facial Tonic

Hydrating, balancing and moisturising facial tonic that's formulated with rose water and aloe vera helping to calm and maintain skins natural elasticity.

Nettle Shampoo

Our favourite shampoo contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins of Finnish organic nettle and rosemary essential oil, strengthens hair and nourishes the healthy scalp, blended with Finnish organic calendula extract, which revives the condition of both the hair and the scalp.