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Summer Skincare - 4 Tips How to Prepare for Summer

We love summer! Spring is nice, too, and this is the best time to get your body ready for summer. During the colder months, you are not necessarily paying that much attention to your body and skin, as it's covered anyway. We are hoping for a long and sunny summer this year, and want to share with you how we here at Koti Lifestyle are getting ready for it. Here are our tips on summer skincare!

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Summer skincare tip for the whole body - Detox

If your skin is looking dull and pale after the winter, try increasing the number of greens you eat in a day. At the same time, you can reduce sugar and processed food in your diet to boost your metabolism and to achieve that glowy skin.

Summer skincare tip for glowy skin - Dry-Brushing

Is it just us, but it feels like we forget about our legs during the winter and when the first warm days arrive and you pull out your skirts and shorts, you suddenly don't want to wear them any more? Taking care of your body's skin might be part of your summer skincare routine, but sometimes we forget about it straight after summer! Most women have cellulite somewhere in their body, usually on thighs, and that's completely normal. Some studies say that you can't ever get rid of it, but there are ways to reduce it, if that's something you want to achieve. One way to increase the blood circulation and, smoothen the skin, is dry brushing.

How to dry-brush?

It's most effective when you use a gentle brush, start from the soles of your feet and move upwards with long brushes. Always brush towards your heart. You can brush the most problematic areas a bit longer, too. To achieve the best results, this should be done daily before taking a shower. Dry brushing won't do wonders overnight. It's something you need to do regularly for a long period of time to see the benefits.

Summer skincare tip for face - Gentle Facial Scrubs

We love gentle enzyme exfoliators for skin that you can use the year-round. They brighten your complexion and give more even skin-tone - perfect prep for some tan!

A Summer must-have - Sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen. This should be the most important step of your summer skincare routine. You can leave your house without make-up anytime, but never forget your sunscreen! It's essential to protect your skin and especially your face as it's exposed to the sun the most.

How do you prepare for summer - skincare-wise?