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How to Apply Your Skincare Products Right

Have you ever wondered why different skincare products are advised to be applied with a specific technique? By using the right applying technique, you get the most out of the product, your skin benefits from it and most likely you save some money, too!

We'll explain here how to apply the most common skincare products and why.

Why is the right applying technique so important?

A right applying technique will increase the amount of the product absorbing into your skin. With the proper methods, you will get more out of the skincare, will get better results and even save money, as you will end up using the product more economically.

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How to apply...


Apply oil cleanser with circular motions using your fingertips on dry skin. One teaspoonful of oil is enough for washing the whole face and neck. Massage the oil carefully on your skin for a minute or two. Rinse off with lukewarm water or with muslin.

Oil-cleansers work wonders for all the skin types, but especially dry, sensitive and normal skin types benefit from them the most.

Water-based Cleansing Products

If you favour double-cleansing method, there are a couple of different ways to apply a water-based cleaning product. If your skin tends to feel dry on the surface, a kind and gentle option is to apply the cleansing product on top of the oil cleanser, without rinsing the oil cleanser off. After massaging the cleanser onto your skin, dip your finger in water and massage again - this will create a foam. Rinse off with water.


The first rule is when it comes to toners is to ditch cotton pads once and for all! Toners should always be layered onto the skin for the best results. A toner is not a cleanser but a product that hydrates the skin. The dryer the skin is the more layers of toner it needs. Pour a couple of drops on your balm, rub hands together gently and pat the toner until completely absorbed. Toners can be either sprayed or patted on the skin. Even if your toner is in a spray bottle, you can pat it on your skin for more hydration.


Thumb rule is that if the product is water-based such as toners and serums, they should be patted on the skin. This improves the absorption of the product. Apply a serum with the same technique as a toner, although layering is not required. Water-based products should also always be applied before oil-based products, as they wouldn't penetrate the skin if applied the other way around.

Facial Oils

The best technique for applying a facial oil is massaging the product onto your skin with circular motions. This enhances how the product absorbs into the skin. Massaging your face also improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, which will result in more even skin tone, less puffiness and glowing skin.

Eye Cream

Apply eye cream always using either your little or ring finger. If you are using other fingers, you might accidentally use too much pressure and damage the delicate skin around your eyes. Don't rub your eyes, as it can cause dark circles around your eyes or increase a risk of inflammation. Dark circles around your eyes can occur for a variety of reasons but rubbing your eyes can also cause these circles to appear, or darken circles already present. The skin around your eyes is very thin. Rubbing your eyes can damage the tiny blood vessels just beneath the skin's surface. When the blood vessels break, the blood flows into the surrounding tissue, temporarily giving your skin a darker colour.