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How to Get a Glowing Skin?

Three easy tips to get glowing skin naturally

New year new me. The mantra of many this time of the year. We promise we won't push any detoxes or diets on you. Last year was hard enough right? Now it's the time for recovery and learning, and, at last, to appreciate and love what we have. You might wonder what has glowing skin got to do with all of this? Well, we at Koti believe in holistic beauty and have dedicated this whole month to that. How to start feeling beautiful from the inside so that it shows on your skin, too?

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Basically, it all comes down to self-care. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and well reflects how you are. Would be silly, in a way, to think that our life choices didn't show on our skin. So, the definition of 'glow' or 'glowing skin', in our books means healthy and happy looking you or me. We want to embrace all signs of ageing, wrinkles and greying hair is natural in the end, right? Our aim is to give you accessible tools regardless of your age or situation in life to look your best - naturally.

Alright. Done with all the chitchat. Let's get into it!

How to get the skin glowing?

What to do then if you want to get your skin glowing from the inside out? We are not going to talk about eating your greens, drinking enough water and getting fresh air here - we think everyone knows all of that already. We’ll share three easy hacks on how to get glowing skin - naturally.

Facial massage

Use your palms and fingertips to massage your face, decollete and neck gently after cleansing. Use your favourite facial oil to make sure you don’t use too much pressure. We love Arctic Beauty Oil for this. Only a couple of minutes a day will make a difference as the gentle massage will get the blood moving and opens lymph drainages as well. Increased blood circulation and decreased puffiness will show as a natural glow immediately. Regular massage can also improve skin elasticity which means you’ll look younger for longer! If you are unsure about facial massage techniques, check out our Instagram highlights for easy and effective five-minute facial massage.

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Get upside down

It’s all about increasing the blood circulation! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be practising headstands for this - any pose where your head is below your heart will work. Bend over and forward fold for a couple of minutes a day to get that lit-from-within glow to your face!


As we know stress affects the skin. It causes a chemical reaction in the body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. No wonder stress can aggravate eczema, rosacea and other types of skin rashes and, make acne-prone skin to flare up.

So even when stressed, try to keep up with your skincare routine to ease the effects of stress on your skin. Take time to yourself to relax and do things that are empowering. Try to get enough sleep and just learn to set boundaries and say no (easier said than done, we know)