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Introducing Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, and Why ‘Nordic Natural Beauty’ Is the Next Beauty Trend

We at Koti Lifestyle are very proud to present Satu Mäkinen, the founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards as our very first guest writer. We love her vision and passion to bring Nordic natural beauty to the front line and to be celebrated also outside the Nordics!

Where Did ‘Nordic Natural Beauty Awards’ Come From?

Satu, the founder of the awards here hello! To give you a better understanding of how the awards got started, let me start from the very beginning. I grew up in central Finland, surrounded by countless lakes and wild forests. Travelling and living around the world, I often found myself missing one essential part of the north – the calming and empowering nature.

Koti Lifestyle | Satu Makinen the founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards
Satu Mäkinen, Founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

The Nordic and Arctic nature is known to be full of powerful remedies due to the extreme weather year-round. For long, these ingredients packed with vitamins and antioxidants have been the secret of the natural beauties of the north, but as the green beauty trend keeps rising worldwide, I wanted to find a way to introduce the best Nordic cosmetics made, and bring them finally to everyone’s reach.

The idea for Nordic Natural Beauty Awards grew strong during the summer of 2019. A combination of three main thoughts built the foundation for the awards – frustration towards the ongoing toxic cosmetics market, the massive growth of natural beauty brands in the north, and the need the world is expressing for magical, yet safe cosmetics. Fast forward, Nordic Natural Beauty Awards was launched in March 2020.

Koti Lifestyle | Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

And What Is It All About?

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards is the first-ever online awards of its kind, celebrating solely all-natural, Nordic cosmetics. To demonstrate the luxury that natural beauty really is, the awards’ jury consists of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars coming from different fields – such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion. You can take a peek at the whole list of the jury on the awards’ website.

In this first edition of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards, there are 46 beauty products nominated in 18 categories, covering skincare, body care, hair care, and makeup. All products are from Nordic brands and 100% natural of origin (except in the 99% Natural -category). The winners of the awards will be revealed on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 on the awards’ INSTAGRAM LIVE.

Why Is ‘Nordic Natural Beauty’ the Next Beauty Trend - to Stay?

Green movements have been growing dramatically in the past few years. The talk about speeding climate change and collapsing ecosystems have forced each of us to take a closer look at our consumption and habits. Polluting and toxic chemicals have been exposed in all sorts of everyday goods, such as food and cosmetics, and today, an average consumer is more awake, more aware of what they are eating and applying on their skin.

Also, let’s not forget the latest big change in the world - Covid-19. One way or another, we were all forced to slow down - to think through what we really value. The simple things in our lives became important.

And Nordic natural beauty is all about simplicity. Minimalist style and design from the north have been conquering the world as opposed to the wave of mass consumption, and I believe natural beauty is the next obvious wave. With the uncertainty in the air, what I see people wanting is to focus on their overall wellbeing - spend time in nature and with their loved ones, take real care about their natural selves, and invest in quality when it comes to skin-, body, and hair care.

Where Can I Find Nordic Natural Beauty?

Some bigger retailers stock Nordic natural cosmetics, though to find certain exceptional products, you might need to dig a little deeper. Gladly, this is changing, as new retailers around the world are seeing the possibility in investing in Nordic quality cosmetics.

Koti Lifestyle | Frantsila Anti-pollution Serum

I am really proud to see initiatives, such as Koti Lifestyle, introduce the Nordic natural beauty to the world at large. Koti is based in the UK, though they deliver within all Europe. At Koti, you can also find two of the awards’ nominees, both from Frantsila; The Anti-pollution serum which is up for the best serum and The Natural Deo Roll-on, up for the best deodorant.

If you got triggered to learn more, you can get to know all the awards’ incredible nominees on our website.


Satu Mäkinen, founder of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards