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Korean Skincare Routine With a Nordic Twist

You must have heard of Korean skincare routine by now - it's been THE thing for a while already. Initially, the method consists of multiple steps of layering products onto your skin to achieve and maintain dewy and glowing skin.

You also may know that we Nordics like all things simple, beautiful and effective. So what does it look like, when you combine the Korean method with Nordic mentality and ingredients? Senja Cosmetics has created a fantastic Korean-inspired skincare routine and compressed it to a couple of simple steps. By following the method, your skin should start looking better in no time!

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How's the routine like then? We at Koti Lifestyle are huge fans of double cleansing, the method removes all the make-up and cleanses your skin without leaving it feeling dry. Senja recommends combining their cleansing oil and foam for the best result. The cleansers work well also separately if you are in a rush or prefer using a single product.

In Korean skincare hydrating the skin might be even more critical than cleansing. Senja's Nordic Nectar Toner Essence is perfect for this - you can pat multiple layers of it onto your face. This essence is packed with wild-harvested berries, nettle and organic birch soap.

After hydrating your skin, Koreans teach us to lock it all in by using moisturisers and facial oils. Senja has two options for you, lighter Matte Magic Cream and more lavish Berry Bomb Cream to meet your needs. Glowing skin is the result of using both hydrating and moisturising products on your skin. You can also add serums, masks and oils to your routine - thumb rule being start with the lightest and finish off with the heaviest.

We are very impressed by Senja and how they have found the true essence of Korean skincare method and delivered it the Nordic way. You can shop the whole skincare method here!

How does your skincare method look like? Has the Korean routine influenced it?