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Koti Lifestyle is here!

Did you know that one of the purest places on Earth is the Nordics? That's right! Northern Europe is not that far at all and forests over there are full of nutrient-rich berries and herbs. There is a long tradition of producing skincare products using these nature's own ingredients. Following this tradition, there are now lots of sophisticated and original organic skincare brands blooming over there.

We, two Finnish ladies, tried to find where to buy those products and brands here in the UK. The products we used to use back home, the ones we loved because they were efficient and ecological but yet, beautifully packaged.

Koti Lifestyle | Bilberries

After searching for a while, we discovered there indeed wasn't any web stores selling any of those brilliant brands. That was a shame! Then we got a master idea. What if we set up our very own web store concentrating purely on skincare from Nordics? Could it work?

After pondering the topic for ages, we finally did it! Koti Lifestyle is here and live - and we could not be prouder! We've been passionate about organic cosmetics for so long that it is really an honour to be able to offer all the best Nordic organic skincare products to UK markets. To be precise, though, after some research, we wanted to expand our selection outside Nordic, too, and we will be offering some carefully curated brands from Baltics.

However, our journey is just in the beginning, so we are more than happy to receive some feedback as we keep continuing expanding our selection.

Koti Lifestyle | Pink bike

We hope you have a look around, and we promise there are some beautiful products available in our store. To tackle this cold autumn/winter season, we would recommend the Arctic Oil from Flow Cosmetics and the incredible body marmalades from Kivvi. I mean, it must be some kind of a British dream to apply marmalade onto your toast and body, no?

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See you soon!

Jenny & Tarleena