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Can you believe it! Koti Lifestyle has been here delivering Nordic skincare goodies for you for almost for half a year! After months and months of work, sleepless nights and all sorts of preparations, we opened Koti Lifestyle at the end of October 2019.

Since then, we've been featured in a couple of beauty blogs and, we wanted to share the posts with you in case you've missed them! Read up what these lovely bloggers say about our store and the products they tested! Maybe you'll find some new favourites as well!

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Beauty Folio - a beauty blog dedicated to ethical beauty products

Emma tells in her store review that she enjoyed the shopping experience and found the site easy to navigate. She purchased three products from Flow Cosmetics as their skincare range, ethos, plastic-free packaging and reasonable price point made them the perfect addition to her skincare stash.

The products she chose were Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser, Chamomile and Probiotics Facial Mist and Arctic Sun Repair Balm. Emma says that "These products were all reasonably priced and demonstrates that organic, plant-based skincare with environmentally conscious packaging and production methods doesn't have to cost the Earth…" Read up the full product review here!

The Ecological - green living, natural beauty

Bryanna tested two items, Nordic Nectar Toner Essence from Senja Cosmetics and Birch and Peppermint Hand Balm from Hetkinen Cosmetics. She especially fell in love with the Nordic Nectar - and who wouldn't. The product has quickly come to one of our best-sellers, too. Everyone who tries the toner essence falls in love! Read up Brianna's thoughts here!

Natural Beauty With Baby - natural alternatives to mainstream beauty

Helen reviewed products from Flow Cosmetics as well. She chose to test Balm to Milk Facial Cleanser and Chamomile and Probiotics Mist. The product Helen loved the most though, is a chakra salt soap from Flow Cosmetics. She has been using the Solid Roots Aromatherapy Soap and, tells it's been a fantastic product. Read up the full review here.

Beauty Balm - a beauty and lifestyle blog

Sandra from Beautybalm purchased and reviewed some products as well. She chose Hetkinen soap ball, Shampoo from Franstila and body marmelade from Kivvi. Check the full review here!

Enjoyable reading!