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3+1 Products - Minimalist Skincare Routine for Summer

Summer's almost here! Oh boy, we love summer, the warm weather and sun. And the fact that most of us can relax a bit when it comes to skincare, too, during the summer months! Especially if you have remembered to take good care of your skin during the wintertime, now you can let go a bit and spend less time in the bathroom! We will share the most minimalist skincare routine here with you - you can always add steps to yours according to the needs of your own skin.

Koti lifestyle | Minimalist skincare routine with Senja Nordic Nectar Toner essemce and Frantsila Rose Facial Oil with green leaves

Step one - Cleanse

Cleansing is essential, especially during summertime, it's crucial to wash any sunscreens off your face. In the evenings use gentle cleansing milk or oil, and if using heavier make-up, double-cleansing might come handy. In the mornings just rinse your face with lukewarm water, or wipe your face with gentle micellar water.

Step two - Hydrate

Whatever time of the year, never skip your facial toner or mist! When you move into a very minimalistic skincare routine, all the products you use must be right to your skin and of good quality. Go for hydrating toner or essence and remember to pat it on your skin multiple layers using 7 skin method.

Step three, the final step - Moisturise

If you've invested in your skincare during the winter months, it's now paying off. You most likely can skip moisturiser on your routine once and for all. During summer months light and well-absorbing oil is enough to keep your skin moisturised and to lock the hydration from your toner in the skin. Facial oils that contain cold-pressed oils protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and also give light protection against UV-light (the oil won't substitute sunscreen, though).

Extra step - Sunscreen

Always before going out, apply sunscreen. It protects your skin against damage that UV light can do to your skin. If possible, choose organic or natural sunblock with physical or mineral UV protection. Do you change your skincare routine according to the season?