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Facial Toners - Why to Use?

Long gone are the days when people used facial toners as part of their cleansing routine. Thanks to the Korean skincare routine hype people have started to change the way they use toners - not as a cleanser but as a source of hydration. You don't need cotton pads to use a facial toner. You can either spray it on your face or pat gently multiple layers of it on your face with your hands. All skin types benefit from adding both hydration and moisture to them.

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Why use facial toners?

Adding a toner to your skincare routine can really make a difference. Try to avoid toners with alcohol in their ingredients list - alcohol only dries your skin. Starting to use a toner as a part of your both AM and PM routine can help with some common skin problems.

Dry but impure skin

If your skin feels dry and itchy but is still prone to impurities, the reason behind this might be lack of hydration on your skin. The outer layer of your skin is dry and prevents your skin to breath and cleanse properly. This might lead to blocked pores and skin out-brakes. Hydrating your skin with toners might help your skin breathe better and prevent impurities.

Dull-looking skin

Layering toner on your skin usually creates more dewy and lusty looking skin. This might take some time, especially if your skin has been lacking hydration for a while. Try, for example, floral waters that don't contain any water in them.

Anti-ageing effects

Dry skin tends to look older, and wrinkles tend to show sharper on your skin when it lacks hydration. Adding a toner or mist to your skincare routine will help your skin look plumper, and the signs of ageing won't show as much.

Are you already using facial toners as a part of your skincare routine? What's your favourite toner?

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