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Natural Skincare for Winter

Winter is cruel. The cold, the wind, the heating indoors. All that puts your skin to the test but also allows you to treat it the way it deserves. We want to concentrate on the positives! We bet you can beat the season with perfectly hydrated and moisturised glowing skin!

Although different skin types and ages require different attention, there are some ground rules on how to maintain healthy skin during the winter months. We've listed five easy steps for you to follow daily, with some product recommendations, of course!

Drink water

It all starts from the within, so drink lots of water! Sip slowly throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your skin looking good, too!

Cleanse gently

Ever so important cleansing, and the more gentle, the better, especially during winter (even for oily and impure skin, believe us! Harsh foams and gels might irritate your skin even more). Try Balm to Milk cleanser from Flow or if you feel your skin need deeper cleanse, why not try Korean inspired double-cleansing routine from Senja?

Hydrate and moisturise

After cleansing your face, start applying layers of toner, facial water or essence onto your skin. Apply at least two to three layers, although you can apply as many as your skin needs! You can also add serum at this point. Flow's Chamomille & Probiotic mist is perfect for dry and irritated skin, Senja's Toner Essence brings in a bit more hydration.

Creams and oils lock the much-needed hydration into your skin. Apply these after toner. For dry skin, we recommend Nourishing Facial Cream from Frantsila. If you need lighter cream, try Bilberry Moisture Cream from Flow.

Keep those showers short!

Hot water, long baths and showers dry your skin out. It washes away the much-needed oils from your skin and leaves it feeling dry and itchy. A bit cooler and shorter shower will make your skin happier!

Extra care

If all of the above still is not enough and your skin starts getting dehydrated and rough Arctic Sun Repair Balm from Flow or Rose Facial Oil from Frantsila could do wonders and restore the moisture levels of your skin to normal.

What are your beauty tips for the winter months? What is your favourite way of pampering yourself?