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November - Month of Vegan

This month has been the month of all things vegan. As a web store promoting all things natural, organic and vegan, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect our thoughts about veganism.

Koti Lifestyle | Go Vegan

Neither of us is vegan, although we follow a vegetarian diet. Nowadays it would be easy to convert to veganism - all the meat substitutes are there from vegan cheese to burgers. All the products you are using around the house are available in vegan. Why not then? Why are we not vegans? I guess life is sometimes about making compromises - I've said for years that if I'd be living by myself, I'd be vegan. We eat vegetarian food at home and try to choose products we use sustainably - that's meeting somewhere in the middle and compromising.

We know that the world needs to change. It's about more than a diet; it's about reducing waste, save water and energy. Stop driving cars (we both have two cars in our households), buy less - and when you buy, buy sustainably produced goods. It's about using non-toxic cleaning products in the house and educating our children to live better than we are living. It's about stopping animal abuse to enable humans to use products for leisure.

By our understanding vegan lifestyle is trying to answer these questions and even though we didn't make it this month, we are committed to spending Veganuary in January. We will update you on our vegan journey and are hoping all non-vegans out there would join us!

At Koti Lifestyle, we want to promote a sustainable way of living, and almost all the products are vegan. For making it easier for you to find the products, we have created Vegan-category to gather all our vegan goodies together.

For more reading about veganism and to prepare yourself for Veganuary, you can visit The Vegan Society's website.