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Organic Cosmetics FAQ Part 1

Are you interested in organic cosmetics and want to start using them but don't quite know how? Changing into different products can be time-consuming, and you might end up wasting money, too, as you want to test and try new products to see how they work on your skin. We at Koti Lifestyle wish to offer you help to do this and will be running series telling you more about organic cosmetics, and their key ingredients so that you can make wiser choices and find the best products to you straight away.

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Why change to organic cosmetics?

Lots of people are looking to change to using organic or more natural cosmetics for various reasons. Two main reasons are becoming more environmentally aware and trying to find more environmentally friendly products and personal health; people have become more aware of the chemicals used in everyday cosmetics and want to reduce their unwanted effects. You can read here why to choose organic cosmetics and here about the ingredients to avoid in your skincare products.

I want to start using organic cosmetics. Where to start?

Organic cosmetics are widely sold in web stores and specialised stores around the country. You can find some brands in grocery stores as well. Some mainstream brands have started to produce their own organic lines, which has made the products more available.

We'd say changing skincare products to organic ones might be easier than changing make-up products. Also, if you are concerned about your chemical load, changing first the products that are applied to stay on your skin might be something you consider changing first. Although it's worth keeping in mind that some ingredients that are labelled dangerous and are banned in products that are not rinsed away are still allowed in products that you rinse off.

How do I know that the product is truly organic?

As merchandisers have noticed that greener lifestyle and natural products sell, they have started to use these as in marketing. Greenwashing is quite common as most of the products are advertised being natural or organic. If you are new to organic cosmetics, certifications can help you with recognising genuine organic products.

Why are you considering changing into organic cosmetics? What are your main concerns about it?