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Organic Cosmetics FAQ Part 2

Are you interested in organic cosmetics and want to start using them but don't quite know how? Changing into different products can be time-consuming, and you might end up wasting money, too, as you want to test and try new products to see how they work on your skin. We at Koti Lifestyle wish to offer you help to do this and will be running series telling you more about organic cosmetics, and their key ingredients so that you can make wiser choices and find the best products to you straight away.

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Are organic cosmetics safe to use?

If you are using certified organic cosmetics, you can be sure the ingredients used in the products and the production processes are regulated and monitored. You can read more about certifications here. Organic cosmetics are made out of the same natural ingredients that are also used in synthetic cosmetics - but without artificial and possibly dangerous components. If you are prone to allergies or if your skin is very sensitive, try avoiding products containing significant amounts of essential oils as they can irritate the skin.

Organic cosmetics might expire sooner compared to synthetic cosmetics because of different preservatives. Keep in mind that direct sunlight and high temperatures might damage your cosmetics, too. If you spot any changes in your product, stop using them as they might not be safe to use anymore.

Are all organic cosmetics expensive?

The common misconception is that organic cosmetics are expensive. The truth is that the price range varies from very affordable to expensive as it does with synthetic cosmetics. The price, however, is not an indicator of the quality of the product as quite often the known brand is more expensive, regardless of the ingredient list. The real problem, in our opinion, is finding organic products as most of the stores don't stock them.

Also, you might want to start looking at your skincare routine differently. Just a few products are enough, and when choosing those carefully, you save money, too.

Are organic skincare products effective?

This question could also be: "Are all skincare products effective?" The answer to both these questions would be no. Both synthetic cosmetics and organic cosmetics have products that are effective and not effective. It all depends on what's inside the jar or bottle! Check the ingredients list and be aware of any harmful ingredients it might contain. A good thumb rule is; the fewer ingredients, the better. Also, pay attention to the order; the first ingredient on the list is the one used most in the product. There are lots of apps out there to help you with this, try Cosmethics app for instance.

Also remember, like with all cosmetics and skincare products, everything doesn't work for everyone. If a product isn't exactly your cup of tea, it may work wonders for someone else.

What else would you like to know about organic skincare?