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Skin care gifts for Valentine’s Day

And how is Finnish Valentine’s Day different

We have a feeling that this year Valentine’s Day is going to be special and important. As the times are very unusual and we might not have been able to see our family or friends in a long time, remembering them (even if from afar) feels more important than ever. We at Koti want to enter February with kindness and love - towards yourself, your loved ones and other people surrounding you.

Finns celebrate Valentine's Day a little bit differently from their peers around the world. When Valentine’s Day was introduced to Finns - they took a unique interpretation to it and translated it into ‘Friend’s Day’ - and that alone tells a lot.

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The day is celebrated inclusively, everyone can take part. People remember their friends, colleagues and neighbours with gifts, cards, phone calls or meet up to celebrate their friendship.

There can be a romantic twist to it as well, but the emphasis on the day is celebrating friendships. People of all ages celebrate the day with their friends by going out for a brunch, dinner, or sporting activities.

What to gift to a friend?

This year we want to include friends into your Valentine’s Day celebration. We want to introduce the Finnish Friend’s Day to everyone else as well. Friends are one of the most important people in our lives, right?

So, why not send your friend a small gift? You can continue supporting small and local businesses and get flowers sent to your friend from your local florist. We also love Onacara that combines beautiful flower arrangements with contemporary art and jewellery. Unique Ella makes and sells lovely Finnish earrings, in our view a perfect gift both for a friend or partner! You can also surprise your friend with Nordic superfood (this is our favourite!) such as berry powders to get the skin glowing from within.

You can also take your friend out for a walk (if the rules allow) and take a cup of coffee on the go. Other great immaterial gifts to your friend could be an online yoga retreat or course, a gift card to your friend’s favourite restaurant or shop, or something self-made. Check our favourite DIY skincare gifts for inspiration!

3 Skin care gift ideas from Koti

Hetkinen Soap Set - Combine a practical yet beautiful soap with stunning pine design by Hetkinen. Hetkinen is a perfect example of a Nordic beauty brand, it’s not only about quality products, its also about closeness to nature and minimalist, thoughtful design. This is the very reason why we love them - especially these beautiful soap sets that bring a piece of Nordic forest and design to everyone’s bathroom.

Flow Solid Roots Body Butter Bar - The essential oil blend in this wonderful body butter bar empower the body and ground one back into the Earth’s positive energy. The warm scent has a soothing and relaxing effect. This zero+waste gift is a perfect sustainable choice with its pink packaging as well!

Gift Card - Sometimes it’s hard to choose a gift to your friend or loved one. For those indecisive moments, gift cards are a saviour. Koti offers gift cards in £20, £30 and £50. You'll even get 10% off the price as we are still running our launch offer!