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Smart skincare for travelling

It's the season for travelling. Whether you are travelling home for the Holidays, planning a skiing trip or just heading somewhere warm and sunny, you'd probably like to keep your toiletries section in your luggage as small as possible. Especially if you are travelling with hand luggage only, you most likely want to save the liquids allowance for what you really need it for.

Koti Lifestyle| Soap and butter bars from Flow Cosmetics

While most brands have travel-sized options available, why not take a step further, without compromising the effectiveness, cute packaging and being environmentally friendly? We at Koti Lifestyle love everything multi-purpose and ethical, and stock some wonderful items that we know you'd be dying for to travel with. We have listed down some products from Flow Cosmetics to help you with your packaging this season!

Flow Cosmetics has an impressive range of products turned into bars - with plastic-free packaging, of course. You can choose anything from facial soaps to shampoos and body butters. They even have divine all-in-one bars, one bar for face, hair and body. By carrying these with you, you save place in your liquids compartment and won't harm the environment either at your holiday location.

Whether you are travelling to the Alps or to the Caribbean, take one of our balms with you, too. Wonder Balm and Arctic Sun Repair Balm protects your skin against the frost and heat and help even with sunburned skin! They help minor bruises to heal and are suitable from head to toes for the whole family.

If you have a bit of extra place in your luggage, grab one of the mists from Flow Cosmetics with you. We love everything multi-use and although these mists are perfect for facial skin but can be used on the whole body and hair, too, to refresh and hydrate.

We'd love to hear how you optimise your toiletries for travelling?