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What is sustainable skincare?

Sustainability is rightfully one of the biggest trends in skincare (and elsewhere, too) at the moment. Koti is hailing for sustainable skincare but we wanted to dig a little deeper as sustainability is much more than just selling organic products.

How to know if a skincare product is sustainable?

When you look at a skincare brand, you can pay attention to the ingredients they use. How are they produced or manufactured? Is the production line sustainable in the way it treats its employees? Are the ingredients harvested respecting nature?

Ingredients check

It can be hard to do the detective work on all this. You can check the companies online, but the current legislation doesn’t require the manufacturer or the brand to tell where the ingredients are sourced from. We love natural and organic for this, as certification does guarantee some sustainability. Organically grown or wild-harvested ingredients support biodiversity and on top of that contain more skin-beneficial vitamins and minerals. Try to avoid skincare products containing micro-plastics - they can be very harmful to the environment.

Eco-friendly packaging

One aspect to look at is of course packaging. We know that there are some fantastic zero-waste and plastic-free options available. You can get body soaps, facial cleansers, moisturisers and shampoos in solid form, just to name a few. You can find masks and exfoliators in powder form packaged in glass jars that can be reused for other purposes or completely recycled after the product is finished.

There are many aspects to choosing the packaging. It should preserve the product, be lightweight, cheap, hard to break and easy to transport. Plastic can also be “squeezable”. These are some of the reasons the cosmetic industry is so keen on plastic packaging even though some of it is not even recyclable.

Some brands have made innovative solutions with their packaging to avoid plastic. Some use, for example, bamboo, or like Hetkinen, pine, to create beautiful, sustainable and antibacterial packaging.

Fewer products equal more sustainable skincare

Getting rid of plastic in skincare packaging might not happen in the near future. There are things you do. Our unpopular opinion (as skincare retailers) is that the fewer products you use the more sustainably you use skincare. The most minimalistic skincare routine only requires three products suitable for your skin type. You’ll only need a cleanser, toner and moisturiser or facial oil. You can read more about our signature 3 step skincare routine on our free skincare guide Simple Nordic approach to skincare.

The struggle with this might be real even though you’d want to buy as little as possible. Sometimes we all do error purchases and end up not liking the product for a reason or another. What really helps with this is knowing your skin type and its specialities and sensitivities.

Another tip is to know some about the ingredients. Some skincare products can contain up to 90% of water and you don’t want to pay for that. Understanding the basics of INCI reading is essential so that you can see whether the product is packed with ingredients beneficial for your skin and worth your money.

Koti Lifestyle | Sustainability check list for skincare

How do we do sustainability as a business?

What do we do to class as a sustainable business? This topic is very close to our heart and we’ve put a lot of thought into it.

The brands we have teamed up with are sustainable. We only stock products that are certified organic or otherwise classed as natural. They all use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible and are looking to increase that as well. The products are manufactured in Finland. They also use a wide range of locally grown wild ingredients and Frantsila even grows their own in their organic farm.

We only restock when there’s a need to order a reasonable amount of products to minimise the carbon footprint - we are well aware that we are importing the products outside the UK.

When it comes to our packaging, we reuse and recycle all the packaging material from our stock orders. Weh you get a parcel from us full of organic skincare goodies, you can be sure that the cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials as well as the tape we use to seal the parcel. Even our logo-stickers are made from recycled materials!