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What's Your Chemical Load and How to Reduce It?

The human body is pretty amazing, right! Imagine all the things it can do. But on top of that, it also stores lots of things in our fat cells, including toxins. Over time, that becomes something we call your chemical load. Do you know how chemicals can affect your health? Or how to reduce your chemical load? Read to find out our top tips to make your life less toxic.

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What is a chemical load?

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of different chemicals and toxins, probably not even noticing it. We bring chemicals into our homes with new clothes, furniture (you know that off-putting smell when you open a packaging, right?), even plastic toys and food containers. Not to mention all the detergents we use to keep our homes clean. Or, say the make-up and even body lotions. Even tap water has chemicals in it.

Basically our bodies ingest toxins and chemicals from all these different sources, and that accumulation is called a toxic or chemical load.

How do chemicals affect our bodies?

Chemicals can affect our bodies in different ways. They damage enzymes and thus undermine several bodily functions—for example, lowering the body's capacity to prevent the free-radical damage that accelerates ageing. Chemicals and excessive sun exposure are the main reasons for signs of premature ageing. Toxins induce, inhibit, mimic, and block hormones. By doing this they interfere with hormones and cause imbalances. This may lead to, for example, thyroid or reproduction problems. Chemicals can also cause other, more visible reactions, such as rashes, headaches, couching and nausea.

3 Easy ways to reduce the chemical load

Even though all this might sound quite overwhelming, there is no need to change everything at once. Usually, the knowledge of chemicals and toxins around us is enough to motivate us to make better choices and reduce the load. 1. Change your personal care products into organic ones

We keep talking about organic cosmetics and skincare and how it's good for you and your skin. But did you know why choosing organic is better for your health, too?

From the point of toxins and chemicals, organic personal care products are safe to use. They contain fewer toxins as the ingredients have been organically farmed. The plants have grown in cleaner soil and they are free from pesticides. Also, other dangerous ingredients like BPA, parabens and phthalates, are banned in organic products.

2. Check the quality of your household cleaning products

The most ecological way of cleaning is doing it with water, soda and vinegar, but let's face it, that's not for all of us. Change your laundry detergents to more ecological ones, and avoid using bleach and other harsh cleaning products in your weekly cleaning to avoid chemical overload.

3. Eat greens and filter your drinking water Eating dark green vegetables helps your body to cleanse and reduce the effects of toxins in your body. As normal tap water also contains a high level of chemicals, filtering it could be a good option.

Have you been thinking of your chemical load and trying to reduce it?