Koti Lifestyle | Tabitha Eve 100% Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds

Tabitha Eve 100% Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds

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Pack of 8 Eco-friendly cleansing pads - ideal for removing makeup or applying toner.


These reusable makeup pads are made from organic cotton (the leftover scraps from Tabitha Eve shower mitts), and each pad is approximately 3 inches (7.5cm) across.


Each pad has a beautifully soft terry side and a slightly scrubbier waffle side for gentle exfoliation. The rounds can be washed and reused making them much more gentle on the planet, too. 


We recommend washing these pads before first use. Then, simply rinse in cold water under the tap after use, using soap if required. The pads can be laundered cool with usual load and left to dry naturally.


Please note: Tabitha Eve reusable makeup pads are made to order and cut by hand. Slight variations in size and shape may occur. These fabrics are liable to shrink when laundered by up to 10%. To minimise shrinkage wash cool and do not tumble dry.