When we started our natural skincare journey, it was quite hard to find proper information. That's why we wanted to make it easier for you - and that's how our two skincare guides were born! One of them is concentrating on INCI lists and the other one gives you some insight on simple Nordic skincare. Download them both for free by joining our mailing list!

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Not sure where to start in the skincare INCI jungle? This guide is an extensive introduction to the world of INCI lists - learn what all those scary-looking acronyms are and what ingredients should you look for and what should you avoid. PDF, 8 pages.

We here at Koti Lifestyle rely on simple, yet effective beauty routines - and in this guide, we want to share our routine with just three different products. We also dive into the fascinating world of Nordic super ingredients that make Nordic skincare so special. PDF, 9 pages.

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